About ME



My name is Michele Goldstein and I reside in Parkland.  I have lived in Florida for the past 27 years.  I was born in South Africa, but moved to Pittsburgh at the age of ten years.  I received my Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Syracuse University in New York (One of the reasons why I moved to a warm climate). My Masters of Education in Reading and Special Education was attained from The University of Pittsburgh.  I am also Gifted certified.

This is my 27th year teaching (I actually cannot believe that!) and I have taught Kindergarten, First Grade and K/1 Multiage.  I have two children, Marissa (23 years) and Zachary (19 Years).   I love animals (especially ones from the Humane Society) and have two loveable cats, Leo and Audrey and two adorable bunnies, Cassie and Sangiovese. My parents live in Boca Raton and are a very important part of my life.  I have a younger sister who lives in Boca Raton and a younger brother who lives in California.



After 27 years of teaching, I still believe strongly in the statement, "I teach the child, not the curriculum."  Every classroom in Florida (and most of the U.S.) must teach the same standards.  However, each teacher will reach these goals using a variety of teaching strategies.  I teach the students according to their needs, which means that the instruction is differentiated.  Every child is unique and enters the classroom at a different academic level.  In order for each child to benefit from a program, there needs to be a variety of strategies implemented in the classroom. I believe that children learn in their own unique way and I plan opportunities for them to develop and follow their own style.



When I am not exploring teacher ideas on the Internet, I enjoy spinning classes, Crossfit, relaxing on the beach, reading and shopping.