Can I Volunteer?


There are many opportunities to volunteer both in the classroom and in the school.  The PTO is always looking for volunteers to help with various events.

If you are interested in volunteering in the classroom, you must complete the online volunteer application.  It can be found here:   goo.gl/EjzKnW 

I need to take my child out early. My child will be absent or was absent, who do I call?



If you need to take your child out of school early, you will need to send in the HHE change of dismissal form. The office cannot accept phones calls or email. Please try not to pick up your child during special, lunch or playground time.


If your child is absent, you must call the absentee hotline at 754-322-9152   If you are taking your child out of school for a family vacation, you must obtain permission from Mr. King.

Can I Send in a Treat for my Child's Birthday?


You may send in a special treat for your child's birthday in the morning.  The treat will need to be in individualized packages.  There is no need for you to come into school as your child will be handing out the special treat during our Reader's Workshop. Please do not send in cupcakes or any messy item.

How Can my child Purchase Ice Cream on Wednesdays?


 The PTO sells ice cream Day for. 65 cents during lunch. If you would like for your child to purchase ice cream please place .65 cents inside your child's lunch box. If your child is buying  lunch  he/she can charge the Ice cream to his/her lunch account. Please let your child know if they are allowed to purchase ice cream. 

Is There a Dress Code?


Please send your child to school ready to have fun.  They will come home dirty.  Girls need to refrain from wearing spaghetti straps and need to wear shorts under dresses or skirts.  Both boys and girls need to wear closed shoes.  Please tie all shoes in double knots.  Even though your child may be able to tie their own shoes, they never do it tight enough.

Will my Child Receive Homework?


Your child will receive Math homework, Tuesday-Thursday.  This homework is a review of what we learned in school that day.  Your child should be able to do it with minimal help.

The most important homework will be reading.  I encourage you to listen to your child read, as well as reading to your child.  Before, during and after reading, discuss the text.  Talk about your favorite parts, a problem the character encountered or something new you learned.


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