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Welcome to K/1 Multiage. Eight years ago, Mrs. Mccormack and I had a vision of creating a program that optimized learning for our students while creating a family-like atmosphere. We researched and visited schools that implemented the Multiage program and fell in love with the philosophy. At the present time, we have two K/1 and two 2/3 classes. Each year I am amazed at the manner in which the children care for each other, the peer tutoring, self-motivation that happens naturally and the love for learning expressed by the children.  When I observe these behaviors, I know that this is a more powerful way to teach children rather than sorting them into age groups which places them in a competitive situation.

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SPECIAL 9:15-9:45am

Day 1: Art  Mrs. Victoria

Day 2: P.E. Mrs. O'Rourke

Day 3: Music  Mr. Richardson

Day 4: Media  Ms. Kowalski

Day 5: Technology  Mrs. Srebnik

LUNCH 11:30-12pm

  • Please make sure your child knows if they are purchasing lunch.
  • You can add money on your child's account at 
  • Make sure your child can open all containers.
  • Please send in all necessary utensils (napkins, spoons, etc.)
  • Your child needs to stay in their seat until I pick them up.



We take pride in offering our Multiage family events.  These are wonderful events for both students and parents to get to know one another.

  • Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Date  August 16
  • Ice Skating:  September 7  1-3pm
  • Trunk or Treat October 25  6:30-7:45pm
  • Gingerbread Night  December 12  6-6:45pm
  • Bowling  TBA
  • Adult Night  April 3  7-10pm @Cooper's Hawk
  • Movie Day  April 24
  • Sleepover  
  • Dad's Water Day  May 29
  • Water Park Family Day June 1


Many times, parents are asking what we need in class. After much thought, I decided to put together an Amazon Wish List.  The list contains items that we would love to have in class.  If you are interested in purchasing, please follow the link.  Thank you for your support.



When you walk into our classroom, you will notice that we do not have ordinary tables and chairs.  There are a variety of  seating options, which the children choose throughout the day. This is actually based on the Starbucks model, where you can choose a couch, stool or chair to sit. So, what are the benefits?

  • Gives students choice.  Children learn best when they have some control over their environment.
  • Helps students who have sensory issues.
  • Allows students to sit where they are most comfortable.
  • Students learn what works best for them. They discover what type of seating is best for them depending on what they are doing.



STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.    STEM education is an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to learning that provides hands-on learning experiences for students.  The teaching and learning goes beyond the mere transfer of knowledge.  It engages students and equips them with critical thinking, problem solving, creative and collaborative skills, and ultimately establishes connections between the school, work place, community and the global economy.  STEM also helps students understand and apply math and science content, the foundations for success in college and careers. 

STEM will be a part of our Math workshop.  You will see students collaborating with others while creating and designing their own ideas.  We will also have STEM Friday, where the students will be participating in a hands-on activity while sharing ideas and creating designs. I am also hoping to implement a school/home connection by having families participate in a specific STEM activity.

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